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            Jin Li Cheng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.

            Jin Li Cheng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.

            Jin Li Cheng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. - End Mills and Cutting Tools Manufacturer

            Company Introduction

            Jin Li Cheng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. Focus on manufacturing, production, research and development, end mills, drills and reamers, various tungsten carbide steel cutting tools. Your customized demand is our standard, mainly used in aviation aerospace industry, medical industry, car, motorcycle, bicycle, mold, mechanical parts, metal special shape processing. Our mission is to provide unique and innovative products to meet our customers' challenging processing requirements. We are committed to providing quality service, quality products and building long-term customer relationships. We are proud of the attention to detail and customer care and seek to have fun in our work. Our team believes that nothing is more important than our customers. Our customer service team is trained to provide timely, friendly and professional service. When an order needs to be filled out, each tool is manually packaged and the order is rechecked for accuracy before going out. We view your business needs as our own.

            Main Products

            super end mill, ja ultra fine carbide series, jb micro grain carbide series, jc carbide aluminum series, jd carbide high speed, hard materials square series, je carbide profile cutters series, jf carbide thread milling tools series, jg carbide tools for compound lathe series, jh brazed carbide cutters series, ji brazed carbide cutters series, jj micro grain drills series, jl carbide saw series, carbide end mill, end mill, end mill manufacturers, solid end mill, solid end mills, cutting tools, cnc cutting tool, cnc cutting tools manufacturer, carbide tools, carbide cutters, ball end mill, aluminum end mill, drill end mill, cutting tools manufacturer, cutting tools manufacturers.

            Contact Us

            Company Name: Jin Li Cheng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.
            Address: No. 150, Lane 2, Sec. 5, Zhanglu Rd., Lukang Township Changhua County 505, Taiwan
            Telephone: +886-4-7744566
            Fax: +886-4-7840657
            Web Site: http://www.endmill-tw.com/