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            Aluminum Alloy Profiles

            Advanced Material Specialty Inc.

            Specialized in the Magnesium and Aluminum Alloy Processing

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            Products : Aluminum Alloy Profiles

            Detail Information

            Description : The aim of our continuous efforts is to develop the extrusion technology that can modify the extrusion parameters to achieve the uniform microstructure of extruded profiles at the condition of isothermal extrusion.

            Coupled with the appropriate mold design to increase its dimensional precision and improve the strength after heat treatment, is the main reason for our progress in this area. In currently product development, it tends to small size and thin thickness products, the typical examples are 3003 MPE(Micro Port Extrusion) and 6000 series bicycle rims.
            Specification :
            • Profiles of Bicycle Rim :

            The high quality bicycle rim is easier to fabricate when keeping the iso-thermal extrusion with the optimized spray quenching and stretching. If it requests the higher strength and thinner profiles, the parameters will be more stringent. Thus we need to design a more suitable for the extrusion of high strength 6000 series aluminum alloy to overcome this problem.

            • MPE (Micro Port Extrusion) :

            It is an important industrial application to produce MPE tubes or porous heat dissipation plate by 3003 or 6063 aluminum alloys with good extrusion ability. Due to the need for rapid and dedicated production capacity and equipment, a small amount and special requirements of the product is very suitable for development.

            Contact Us

            Company Name: Advanced Material Specialty Inc.
            Address: No. 18, Kegong 2nd Road.Douliu City Yunlin County 640, Taiwan
            Telephone: +886-5-5516188
            Fax: +886-5-5516199
            Web Site: http://www.amspec-inc.com