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            Brainchild Electronic Co., Ltd.

            Brainchild Electronic Co., Ltd.

            Innovative Paperless Recorder, High-End and Low-Cost Temperature Controllers

            Company Introduction

            BrainChild Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1977. Presently we are the largest temperature controller maker in Taiwan, and the only maker of paperless recorder in Taiwan. The factory has a full automatic SMT production line. TüV Rheinland certifies our ISO9001 once a year. In addition we have a well equipped and CSA certified laboratory to do CSA, UL and CE tests. A strong and experienced R&D team allows us to offer customers innovative and state-of-art industrial instruments for various FA solutions. We have won good reputation by supplying quality instruments with better features at competitive prices. It is our philosophy in pursuit of perfection through continuous improvement. In order to support our customers with more industrial instruments and become an important vendor in FA solutions, we have continued investing on new products. Now we have five product lines including Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Recorders, Temperature Controllers, Data Acquisition Modules / Distributed IO Modules, IP Camera, and Networking products. The sales network of both distributors and private labeled customers covers over 80 countries.

            Main Products

            temperature controller manufacturer, industrial temperature controller, fuzzy pid controller, analog temperature controllers, paperless recorder, paperless chart recorder, temperature chart recorder, human machine interfaces, smart panels, operator panels, touch panel hmi, hmi interface, io modules, modbus io modules, analog input modules, operator interface panel, digital input output module, ramp soak temperature controller, ramp soak controller, analogue input module, temperature controller, process controller, chart recorder, pen recorder, hybrid recorder, current transformer, smart network adaptor, limit controller, digital indicators.

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            New Products

            Contact Us

            Company Name: Brainchild Electronic Co., Ltd.
            Address: 6F, 209 Chung Yang Rd., Nan Kang Dist. Taipei 115, Taiwan
            Telephone: +886-2-27861299
            Fax: +886-2-27861395
            Web Site: http://www.brainchildtw.com/