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            Featuring manufacturers and suppliers with their products and services, B2BChinaSources.com is your best place to do business.

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            Success Stories

            Keyword Ads Lead Us to the Targeted Wholesalers

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            After partnership with GT Internet Information and employ its Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Technology, DigiLife has then successfully increased its brand awareness and private brand market size throughout the world.

            Jason Ser - GM Special Assistant
            Life Technologies Co., Ltd.

            The Hot Internet Marketing

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            Those Keyword Ads allow our clinic to get the first ranking on the Internet, to enlarge opportunities of meeting our potential clients, and to boost sales of our clinic.

            Doctor Kao - Doctor
            Charm Cosmetic Clinic

            Reinforcing Brand Awareness, Creating New Brand Image

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            Because of such high frequency of exposure of our website, we have successfully strengthened our company image and enhanced the brand awareness.

            Caddy Lung - Manager, International Dept.
            Taiwan Fluorescent Lamp Co., Ltd.

            Powerful E-marketing to Win Big Orders

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            It is the cooperation with GT Internet Information Co., Ltd, that has brought us NT$100,000,000 orders and without that, Hong Long Industrial Co., Ltd. will not sustain up to three years and will actually shut down forever.

            Charlie Wang - General Manager
            Hong Long Industrial Co., Ltd.

            ROI within Four Short Months

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            Stars website promoted by internet market that works 24 hours non-stop and navigates successful route for Stars Navigation Technologies Ltd.

            Daret Lee - Sales Manager
            Stars Navigation Technologies Ltd.

            Four Million Dollar Business and More on the Way

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            " CTD key word contract has attracted four million dollar order in Sept. last year and another American transaction is being matured, worth well above one million dollar. "

            Claire Chen - Manager Assistant
            Son King Enterprises Co., Ltd.

            Solid Orders

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            " VIP independent listing service offered by GT Internet marketing has successfully brought trial orders to Groovy Technology Corporation, a global supplier of touch screen and touch display products. "

            Judy Wu - Overseas Manager
            Groovy Technology Corp.

            CTD Brings Winfox New Customers

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            " CTD stands for China Trade Directory, which offers GT Internet marketing customers all-inclusive online Show Room Service. "

            Angus Hsieh - Manager Assistant
            Winfox Cable Solution Co., Ltd.

            US$60,000 Business Just to Start

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            " GT internet marketing offers its all mighty KEYWORD RANKING SERVICE which has brought ALLWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. US$60,000 in less than few months time. "

            Vickie Chen - Assistance
            All Well Industry Co., Ltd.

            Buyer Services

            Join This Directory

            Welcome to Join us and post your products or trade leads on our website. You will be attracting more potential clients and creating well-known brand names by the maximum exposure in the Global market. All high quality products made by reliable China Manufacturers can be found here.