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            Featuring manufacturers and suppliers with their products and services, B2BChinaSources.com is your best place to do business.

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            About B2BChinaSources

            About Us

            About B2BChinaSources

            B2BChinaSources.com, the top Asian trade portal, muscles up its whole capability to serve businessmen around the globe. Focusing upon precision product search and traceable trade leads; B2BChinaSources.com makes foreign trade really easy and once you have become a member, you will be served whole-heartedly by our online team that specializes in sourcing each and every business opportunity mainly in the whole China.

            However, the backbone of B2BChinaSources.com is G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. that is based in Taiwan since its establishment in 1995. G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. develops sophisticated online technology to provide Taiwan manufacturers and suppliers with high tech integrated marketing solutions focusing upon optimum online market exposure and enhanced international order sources. Presently, G.T. owns high profile B2B trading platforms named China Trade Directory - that harbor more than twenty professional sourcing directories specially designed for machinery, electronics, computer and wireless communication industries.

            Through millions of online impressions at any given time to boost international market exposure, G.T. has effectively assisted manufacturers and product suppliers to open up their new market and create greater export values for their businesses.

            In order to catch larger share of global market for exporters, G.T. has developed innovative search engine optimization technology as its business backbone upon which series of successful and complete marketing strategies have been launched for its VIP exporters. Meanwhile, Internet Content Management ICM, Integrated Electronic Marketplace IEM and Cross-border Sales Management CSM software applications have been developed in line with strong exporter expectation for easy web-based management, order and stock control as well as multi-functional e-commerce administration that will offer mission-critical business solutions in the cyber age and enhance international competitiveness immensely.

            After years of unwavering dedication, G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. has proudly served several thousands of clients in the Taiwan manufacturing sector to make unmatched contribution for Taiwan industrial competitiveness worldwide. G.T. solid business success has attracted direct investment by five major institutional investors and certifications of electronic business/ e-marketplaces service organization is awarded by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, which qualifies G.T. as an instructive institution for entrepreneurial electronic technology frameworks.

            In March 1st 2004, G.T. Internet Information Co., Ltd. has been formally registered as OTC Company traded publicly in Taiwan Stock Exchange Market.
            GT Network Technology Co.,Ltd
            Address : 3F,Gaosheng Technology Building,The second period of Gaosheng Technology Park No.5 Longxi Road ,Zhouxi Community, Nancheng District of Dongguan City ,Guangdong Province
            e-Mail : service@manufacture.com.tw